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The Banyan Series...

Hinduism considers two sacred selves, that of the temporal flesh, in flow with that of the everlasting spirit.  We each possess an endless spirit – one that cannot die easily, even in death.  The banyan symbolizes one’s spiritual self in its’ physical form on earth.


It’s revered the tree of immortality, for it can grow for centuries, neither dying nor renewing… a material sign of our immortal nature and of our ability to survive beyond the confines of humanity… a sign that we’re more than we really think we are.


The majesty of the banyan embodies the personal greatness that we can assume, once we’ve overcome our preoccupation with the flesh and have embraced the inner power of our spiritual selves.


The essence of the banyan encourages self-awareness through reflection, and the search for our soul’s inner truth and purpose… we’re reminded to slow ourselves, to reflect upon who we are and upon the true person of integrity we wish to become… the path we seek exists within ourselves.  We’re reminded that our lives are intended a source of joy and fulfillment.


The “Banyan Series” captures our two sacred selves and interprets them through the lens of fiber and banyan form.


Our raw spiritual selves are materialized through the spiraling, complicated expression of natural hemp, regarded for its’ raw strength.  The spirit is the support upon which our lives are built… similarly the hemp provides the physical structure for the pieces in the series.


Our vanity and temporal selves are expressed through the introduction of manufactured, decorative fibers that’ve been created to please the material eye, as we often fabricate our corporal selves to do.


Together, as in life, the two expressions intertwine in a complicated competition for primacy… creating a sculptural message of form, color, shadow and, most-importantly, structural peace through balance.



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