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the "metal abstraction" process...

During the COVID-19 months of 2020 I was unable to travel, internationally, to the resin facility where I pour my "opulent friezes".  My thoughts turned towards the creation of a new genre that could be executed 100% locally in Miami... and my "metal abstractions"  were born.  I'm particularly excited about this unique concept because it's a way for me to reach more people with my art, while remaining true to my artistic DNA.

Color and light continue to be the DNA that runs throughout every piece that I create... and textile continues to be the material through which I express them.  My "opulent friezes" are sculpted textile collage that's been captured and transformed within layers of hand-poured artisanal resin.  My "metal abstractions" are limited edition images that have been permanently sublimated onto aluminum panels. 

The process begins with the creation of a 3-dimensional, collaged textile sculpture.  Color, sculptural depth, light absorption and reflection, as well as abstracted shape, are paramount to the success of each composition.  It's the abstracted image of the sculpture, not the sculpture itself, which is the artistic goal.  The sculpture is strategically created to enhance its' image, once transposed upon the aluminum.

Textile is affixed to a dramatic base of peaks and valleys, with attention given to the advancement and recession of color, light and pattern, creating an energetic sense of movement and complexity which will ultimately engage the viewer.  In fact, lighting is actually embedded within the original piece to further augment the effect within the resulting image.  The sculpture is then photographed and the image manipulated to further enhance the energy and interplay of the piece.

The image is later transferred to a metal surface through a sophisticated process called sublimation printing.  Sublimation is the process of going from a solid to a gas and back to a solid, skipping the liquid state.  Sublimation onto aluminum is a process of taking an image and momentarily transforming it into a gas, through the addition of heat, which penetrates the surface of the metal.  The image does not sit upon the surface of the metal, but rather is permanently bonded within the metal.  This allows light to pass through the image and reflect back towards the viewer, creating a hyper-vivid reality of color and shape.

I've chosen to work within aluminum, and with this superior technology, because it allows me to deliver the same sense of light, well-being and whimsy that my opulent friezes have become known for.



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