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curated selection: GENESI DESIGN STUDIO.  (sculpture)

Luis 1.jpg

 CG  "Mod Flower".

Luis 16.jpg
Luis 2.jpg

 CH  "Pickup Stix 1".

Luis 14.jpg

 CI  "Pickup Stix 2".

Luis 3.jpg

 CJ  "Baby Pickup Stix".

Luis 5.jpg

 CK  "Red Angles".

Luis 9.jpg

 CL  "White Angles".

Luis 4.jpg

 CM  "Yellow Angles".

Luis 8.jpg

 CN  "Blue Cubist".

Luis 6.jpg

 CO  "Red Cubist".

Luis 15.jpg

 CP  "Stacked Geometry, Yellow, White Blue".

 CQ  "Stacked Geometry, Red, Pink, Purple".

Luis 13.jpg

 CR  "Silver Flower Power"

Luis 17.jpg

 CS  "Pink Flower Power"


 CT  "7' Infinity" 

 CU  "3' Infinity" 


 CV  "3' Spirit" 

Deja Vu Ruby_edited.jpg

 CW  "Flaming Tower" 

Carola 1_edited.jpg

 CX  "Leaves of Steel" 


 CY  "Fractured Sun"... similar versions available in other colors

Through the Smoke_edited.jpg

 CZ  "Through the Smoke" 

Carola 2.jpg

 DA  "White Swan" 

Zammy 1.jpg

 DB  "Ascension" 

Zammy 3_edited.jpg

 DC  "Where are my Legos?" 

Zammy 2_edited.jpg

 DD  "Red Waves" 


 DE  "Peace, Baby" 


 DF  "Brass Ring" 

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