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textile relief sculpture

African Color small_edited.jpg

African Color, 2023 (from the African Spirit Series), textile relief sculpture, 193cm x 132cm x 20cm (unframed)... textile,tar and acrylic pigments on stretched canvas.

...a vibrant commentary on the colonization of Africa, through an amalgam or European and African textile... 

The African Spirit Series...

... ... creates a pop art-inspired metaphor for the cultural colonization of Africa.  The overall impressions of the pieces are that of colorful, pop art-inspired textile murals, reminiscent of the monumental installations within New York’s JFK American Airlines terminal.  At the heart is a symbolic mixing of European and African cultures, reflected through the integration of more-elegant, typically-European evening fabrics with the more-traditional, everyday patternwork worn by many African cultures. The result is a new and pleasing visual aesthetic.



African Color detail 3 small_edited.jpg

African Color (detail 1)

African Color detail 1 small_edited.jpg

African Color (detail 2)

African Color detail 2 small_edited.jpg

African Color (detail 3)

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